provides a cloud based HTML5 widget
application builder & administrator for you to manage and distribute your financial data.


It's a platform that you can depend on, developed using renowned German methodology that encompasses;
reliability, performance, quality and a keen eye for detail. The four key functions are:


OpenAPIs for fast integration of multiple data sources to the low-latency scaleable message layer that delivers real-time market data and order updates to the users.


The Admin center provides a Business Rules Administrator which governs with granular control both the market data usage and the User Interface. With it you can monitor and control the data that's consumed, the content that uses it and the widgets that provide the analysis, as well as the style of User Interface look & feel.


The integrated (IDE) HTML5 Widget Builder enables you to build your own inter-operable custom HTML5 apps that can be shared with other users according to the rights granted by the Admin Center. It enables widget re-use and sharing across a distributed development community and helps to speed up the development process.


Export and distribute to other websites or User Interfaces the HTML5 widget content that you create with the integrated Widget Builder, with the distribution rights and permission granted via the Admin Center.


At we’ve already done the “heavy lifting” and built the infrastructure as the foundation upon which you can build unique real-time financial tools to serve any business ecosystem that requires market data dissemination. provides a cloud based managed data container with OpenAPIs for fast Integration of multiple data sources, connectivity to any back-end OMS/RMS via any API or FIX protocol and it includes a low-latency scalable message layer to deliver real-time data; news, market data and order updates to the users. The business rules administrator governs the use of market data and User Interface (UI) so you can monitor and control the data that’s consumed, the content that uses it and access rights to the widgets that provide the analysis and the UI look & feel. Additionally there is an integrated HTML5 Widget Builder helps speed up distributed UI development and widget re-use.


Admin Center

The platform has a Business Rules Administrator to drive the entitlement control, real-time monitoring and filtering tools in the Admin Center that governs;

data usage, widget use, edit rights, screen layout & the type of devices that can be accessed, and based on a sub-organization hierarchy structure from groups down to individual users.

Any data source that is integrated via APIs can be entirely permissioned and audited from the Admin Center using the in-built entitlement which can also be used to pilot the 3rd party data management tools (OpenDACS, EMRS & MECS) if they are available.

APIs & Managed Data Container

One of the advantages of the cloud based platform is its adaptability, banks need technology that adapts and can keep pace with their business needs and offer the capability to add new data sources and trade execution when required. Open API’s provide a method for the fast Integration of multiple data sources and the means to incorporate data feed handlers such as a financial institutions proprietary contribution data or for leading market data vendor feeds, the Data management ensures that according to the entitlement defined for each user, any search results for instruments available within the container will only result in a list of those that have been enabled for that user. And the users benefit from a scalable and resilient cloud based container supporting data layers with unique symbol mapping between the same instruments supplied by different data vendors.

HTML5 Widget Builder

The integrated Widget Builder provides the flexibility for distributed development to build HTML5 displays and analysis tools which can be shared or used as templates for subsequent adaptation among a development community. Through the Admin Center developers, advanced users and 3rd parties can be granted permission to edit, create and add their own widgets. It enables financial institutions to leverage web based applications that are flexible instead of monolithic and restrictive and free to include their own proprietary value added content to differentiate but at the same time seamlessly audit, manage and control data expenditure.

leverages the portability of HTML5 and Responsive Web Design (RWD) to display aggregated data sources on desktops, tablets and smartphones. There is a comprehensive library Out of the box (OOTB) of standard Widgets that support typical Financial application functions; Quotes, Charting (Spread, Yield), Watchlist, News, Time & Sales, Order Book & Level2, Alerts, Gainers/ Losers, Currency Cross Rates, Index Constituents, Option Tool, Future Chains. There are also options regarding trading workspaces where widgets can be arranged using different layout managers, the result being flexible browser based apps but with the same user experience as a traditional desktop application which removes the necessity to installing software on a trader’s computer and to constantly have to take care of the latest updates, thus saving support costs.


Financial Charts

's advanced HTML5 charting tool can be licensed separately from the managed data container and used with other tools and HTML5 editors. It includes a comprehensive library of over sixty technical indicators, additional ones can easily be developed and added on request.



offers several benefits across many business functions in an organization.

For Market Data Management

Full control and visibilityof the data consumption and content with global, hierarchical entitlement tools.

For C Level Management

Cost control and complete visibility of the business activity on the platform.

For Product
Marketing & Business

Business rules dashboard with full control of data and content display options for each users display. Just a click is required from the dashboard without programming tools required, to effect changes the next time the user logs in. Your widgets can be distributed for use on 3rd party websites and HTML5 User Interfaces.

For IT

Integrated HTML5 Widget builder included as partof the development tools. Its easy to add new Widgets or edit and reuse existing ones from legacy solutions and include in the library, shared amongst distributed development teams.

For 3rd Parties

Autonomy to integrate third party solutions such as data and analysis tools into the platform using our open API’s and Widget builder tools.

You can find further information from the documents available for download in pdf format.

HTML5 Application Builder

HTML5 Trading interfaces and widget analysis tools can be built and customized exactly to your requirements, where users can configure their own work spaces according to the permissions granted by our Admin Center dashboard that defines; each users content, the data that that’s consumed, the content that uses it, the widgets that provide the analysis as well as the style of the User Interface look and feel.

HTML5 Charts

's advanced HTML5 charting tool is also available separately from the managed data container and can be licensed for use with other tools and used in conjunction with any editor. It includes a comprehensive library of over sixty technical indicators, additional ones can easily be developed and added on request.

Our Team

Even though we are young at heart and a motivated team we have several decades of Financial Technology expertise between us regarding the development of web based trading solutions.

Frederik Garnies

A Director and shareholder in
since 2017. In 1998 Co-Founded FWW Group, a Munich-based company specialized in data, analysis, applications and media for the mutual fund industry, in 2015 it was sold to Asset International Inc.

Matthias Wiederwach

Co-founder who drives the product development. He has over 15 years of experience in financial applications, In 1999 was the founder of

Richard Karneim

Co-founder responsible for software development with more than 15 years experience with software architecture. Prior to Richard was the Lead Software Architect at


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Munich district court HRB: 206955
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